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Portugal imports directly from the mill, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olival bela vista.

History and Origin

Known since ancient times , olive oil was used by the Greeks, Romans and Hebrews for cooking, lighting and for their beauty .

Thanks to the expertise of our Cunha family practice this ancestral culture for several generations with passion, keep the traditional method and the preservation of the environment.

In my family we grow olives for generations. The olive, the olive tree is delicious products have always been synonymous for me great joy with my grandfather and my parents. Indeed, when I think of olive, images picking up waiting for that golden oil mill parade in my brain. Feelings of my childhood come to my mind. Memories forever etched who gave birth to a passion for the olive.

Joao Carlos Cunha . I am from the beautiful region of Ferreira do Zezere , Ribatejo , Portugal, in Lisbon Immigrant and after a Montreal Quebec, I spent several years to reconcile the production of olive oil with my family and a profession in the field of hotel and it is time to dedicate myself to what I feel most at heart , the production of olives and production of olive oil Olival my Bela Vista, in partnership with the Moulin de Lagar de Carvalhais my village .

Fragrant your life, with a source of health and longevity .

Olive Oil

This extra virgin olive oil, Olival Bela Vista higher quality is obtained from olives of the variety known as Galega-vulgar. This variety of olives and the dominant variety in our region DOP Ribatejo.

Classification and tasting notes:

  • Our oil of extra virgin olive is classified as, floral, sweet and fruity result of the olive variety galega
  • This olive oil is fruity, sweet, creamy taste of ripe olives and notes of almonds, walnuts and artichokes.
  • Acidity is varied between 0.3% and 0.6% depending on the climate of the year factor
  • Cold pressed and unfiltered, golden color green maturation stage of olives
  • Rich in natural antioxidants polyphenols call rare, Omega 3 and -6, Vitamins E and K

    How to use:

    It is believed to serve the bread of your preference, in salads or with a developing dishes based on fish, baked dishes and stews.

    All times are good to enjoy a pure nectar of the Tree of Peace, called sacred by our Gods.


    The air, heat and light. Light, heat and air, generate oxidation and accelerated the deterioration of the fatty acids, hence the need for adequate means of packaging.L air, Chaleur et Lumière. La lumière, la chaleur et l'air, engendrent des phénomènes d'oxydation et accéléré la détérioration des acides gras, d'où la nécessité d'un moyen de conditionnement adéquat.

Tips on conservation::

Keep the bottle always closed in a cool place away from sunlight.


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